Please read my "Guarantee" page and give me a phone call before placing your non-refundable deposit.
$200 deposit to hold puppy of choice and final payment of $ is due on pickup day. Prices starting at $700 for pet/companion - Ltd registration.
PayPal's fee of $6.28 will be added to your deposit
These prices are for pet/companion puppies only.... NOT for Breeding.  Prices for Breeding rights is  an extra $250.
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Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies in the Ruff, LLC. - Gonzales, Louisiana

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Pruebred Siberian Huskies - Louisiana Style
Agouti, Black, Gray, Silver, Red/Copper, Sable, Solid White

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NOTICE: to all potential clients -
Please understand all husky facial markings
will keep changing, some will get darker,
some will lighten up, some will blend in,
some markings will start appearing, They will
all shift. Same with their coat color. I do not
promise eye color, Some will stay blue and
others will change up to four plus months of
age. Coats will be Wooly, Plush or Standard
All puppies are $700 each for Pet/companion w/ Ltd registration (Breeding Rights cost an extra fee to approved homes)
Planned Summer Breeding
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for Waiting List)
Accepting $200 deposits now to
hold your puppy slot till
departure at 8 weeks of age.
Remaining $$$ balance due
on departure day
Full AKC registration
with Breeding Rights has
an extra fee of $250
Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies always has first pick of any litter.... if , they choose to do so.

Accepting $200 Deposit to hold a puppy slot for the Fall 2020
"Waiting List"  can be viewed on my "Deposit" page
Instead of notifying everyone that has deposits in place each time I post
pictures....please just check this page from time to time for updates.

I ask everyone to allow me the time to take pictures and post them. This is a
very busy time here and I have a lot of things that I need to take care of daily.
Thanks and God Bless and please Stay Safe !

Individual facial pictures of both litters- #1 & #2 are posted below.
Louisiana State licensed kennel

Pay Deposit only
$200 + $6.28 fee =

Pay Deposit only
$200 + $6.28 fee =
Updated  August 9, 2020
Makayla's Litter #3 arrived August 8th, 2020
(2) Solid/White girls
(1) Black/White girl  
(1) Copper boy

Pictures will be posted in a few days.

"Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies" will be
keeping one of the
Solid white females.
Litter #1
Litter #2
Litter #3
Litter #2